TaiChi is series of movements coordinated with the breath that are performed in slow motion. It is a moving meditation exercise originating in China that is usually used in preparation for deeper meditative work. Most Taoist martial arts combine exercise and acupressure therapies that are rooted in dance to stretch the entire body. Therefore, tai chi movements may be performed by anyone regardless of age and provides physical therapy that our Western culture is just now beginning to recognize.

Three Basic Principles Behind The Effectiveness of Tai Chi:

  1. Restoration of Vitality.
  2. Increased Physical Energy.
  3. Massaging Action of the Visceral Organs.

The practice of taichi strengthens the mind and body by uniting the movements with breathing, which causes the mind and body to be in a state of peace. In this state of peace - the body receives the chi energy of the universe, which balances the metabolism and revitalizes every cell of the body. Coordinating the breathing with movement helps to establish greater levels of concentration and spiritual strength, which acts as a strong driving force in every day of an individual's life. This brings not only physical health but also mental health.

Some Health Benefits of TaiChi Include:

Unlike many other forms, TaeEulJu TaiChi is not concerned with body alignment, but rather moving in a way that works best for the individual's body rhythms. This form also differs from most other styles in that it does not take years to learn. TaeEulJu TaiChi teaches 16 concentrated movements corresponding to the 16 healing sounds of the TaeEulJu Mantra Meditation that can be learned in approximately 16 weeks.

Whether the taichi is used in conjunction with the mantra meditation or as a separate practice there is a profound effect. Some type of healing is usually experienced by the fourth move, which may surface in a variety of ways uniquely individual. With daily practice, the chi energy is developed and strengthened, and stagnate energetic blockages within the body begin to clear.

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