yogaThe word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit language and means "union". It is one of the oldest forms of healing therapy and teaches that a healthy person is an integrated unit of mind, body and spirit.

It is a threefold process that involves:

  1. Practicing certain postures to strengthen the body.
  2. Controlling the breath to create mental/emotional balance.
  3. Concentrating the mind is the power of prayer.

Yoga exercises help an individual to focus the mind inward; on the breath, on the self, and strengthens the functions of the entire body. The stretching postures serve to remove energetic blockages and helps the body to relax Through controlled breathing we enhance the energetic life force that resides within the body to achieve a state of balance between the mind and body, which in turn raises our awareness to a higher state.

Some Health Benefits of Yoga:

This Yoga class is designed for the beginner that may not have time, or may not want to attend a group process but wants to incorporate a powerful stress management and spiritual practice into their daily life.

Class Teaches:

Private and Semi-Private Instruction.

Fee: $150.00 - includes 2 additional follow-up review classes and Stretch The Mind-Body Flex The Soul eBook.

Class Location: Frog Hollow Studio (Bryn Mawr - Newtown Square Area. 20 minutes west of Philadelphia.)

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